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52 LED UV Blacklight Flashlight

Part Number 1415
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52 LED UV Blacklight Flashlight
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The BRAND NEW 52 LED has arrived.

With the power of 52 UV LED's, this light takes scorpion detection to the next level.
This black light flashlight will make scorpions glow brilliantly, illuminating and revealing themselves to you with the power of black light! The first step in scorpion elimination is scorpion detection. 

Whether you are looking for scorpions in your home, yard or campsite, this quality UV scorpion flashlight will do the job. Illuminating scorpions with the power of 52 LED's. 
Wherever your scorpion problem is and no matter what forms of scorpion pest control you've tried...
Without this scorpion flashlight, you can't do it right!

Some of the many uses of UV Light (black light) 
  • Scorpion Illumination/Pest Control
  • Security/ID and document Verification 
  • Forgery Detection
  • Mineral lighting and identification
  • Antique inspection
  • Art forgery/repair tests
  • Club hand stamp screening
  • Machinery Leaks
  • Glass and glass repair inspection
  • Party fun for posters etc
  • Pet and pest stains 
  • Reading invisible fluorescent inks
  • Crime scene investigation
  • Hospitality industry sanitary checks
  • Charge glow in the dark stars

For more information on UV Light, how it works, and more information on its uses, click here

For more information on scorpions, and how it is that they illuminate, click here
  • Battery Type: 4 AAA Alkaline Batteries (included)
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